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Taylormade Solutions


With more than 20 years experience in the tourism industry, Ozway offers customised group travel to suit your needs in Australia. Services are arranged by our multilingual and experienced staff and professional tour guides who have extensive experience living and traveling throughout this exciting and varied country.


Our solutions are the perfect combination of an excellent understanding of what International travellers want and need, combined with our extensive in depth local knowledge of Australia.




Your visions can be fine tuned to create unique and amazing experiences Australia wide. Our tailor made products and services provides you with complete flexibility and support of your desired choices.


Our flexibility covers all services from specific types of accommodation to extraordinary experiences such as hot air ballooning or a helicopter flight over spectacular scenery.


24 hour hotline


Service is included in the price. Should a situation arise then we will be available around the clock. Regardless if it is a strike at the airport, illness amongst the guests or anything else that requires assistance or problem solving above and beyond the usual organisation and local management.


Your choice of Tour Guide


We believe that an experienced local professional tour guide, who is intimately familiar with the country, its people and customs, will provide guests with a superior experience of Australia. Our Tour Guides offer unrivalled in depth commentary, bringing the country and its culture to life, for groups visiting this ancient and fascinating continent of Australia. Our hand picked tour guides can complement your travel visions with both local knowledge and in depth interpretation.


Transparant Communication


Is a crucial element to the satisfactory completion of any arrangement. We will organise and provide  a clear delegation of tasks, including delivery of a detailed itinerary. We are committed to ensuring tour guides and escorts are well equipped and comfortable with both the itinerary and instructions, ensuring guest can enjoy a most fantastic tour with professional guidance and support.


A Business Partner


We take great pride in preparing and providing arrangements that suits both you and your guests. Together, as a team, we can create and provide a unique product - offering success for all parties.


Peace of mind

Recognised as a successful local Australian agent since 2009, we offer you secure co-operation with a company with an unblemished reputation. We pride ourselves on always delivering on our promises. For further info please check the banner section 'About Ozway'.

Our guests say:


"We have got a much wider knowledge and understanding of Australian conditions than we had expected"

                                                    Michael & Simon, Copenhagen