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Sustainable Tourism

We think that future generations should be gifted the opportunity to enjoy the fantastic experiences Australia has on offer, just like we are able to experience today. Sustainability is therefore more than just a phrase for us.


Sustainability in group travel


Ozway Travels focus is on the organisation of excellent group travel. We chose this because group travel is the most sustainable way of travel in a country as large as Australia.

For us, it makes better sense to fill a bus than to fill a bunch of rental cars. It means less pollution, better economy and a superior learning opportunity when you add the professional guiding service.

But the best part for visitors might be the fact that they get a real holiday, with lots of experiences and learning but without having to organise anything, or worry about how to get from A to B, or which place to visit etc. All they have to do is show up on time for daily departures..


Sustainable experiences


Sustainability for us is about more than just limiting the use of resources. It is also about minimising the wear and tear on attractions that are at the core of a memorable trip.


For example: Our guests don't get to climb Uluru (Ayers Rock). Instead we offer a walk around the 'Heart of Australia', which offers so much more, in terms of experiences, with its history of caves and sacred sites. This site has been part of the Aboriginal Anangu peoples culture since the beginning of time and thus the area is very important and sacred to them. We are proud to be a part of a growing group of companies who respect and appreciate all of the Aboriginal cultures of Australia. 


Sustainable office


We are doing our best to set a good example, and have therefore adopted a strong and sensible environmental policy. We take due regard to the environment in our office by producing part of our own electricity, using solar panels and collecting rain water for recycling. Moreover, we do our utmost to minimise, reduce, reuse and recycle, our use of paper, electricity, water, gas and other resources.


Sustainable partnerships


We prefer, where possible, to form partnerships with hotels and other suppliers who have implemented healthy environmental policies.



Our guests say:


We enjoyed hearing about the everyday in Australia. Top Marks!"


Bente & Helge, Hillerød