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Travel is our business - People are our passion!

Be in the front row

Australian experiences for International guests.

There are many interesting migrants who have left their mark in Australia. With International guests often enjoying hearing about the stories of those people who have migrated from their own country to Australia. Unique experiences like these can be incorporated into the itinerary.


That little bit extra

Guests love surprises, therefore, we always add some small surprises into our itineraries which often give guests some of the most memorable experiences. But we can't say anymore about that...


Respect for the investment

A trip to Australia are for most people a once in a lifetime experience. At Ozway Travel we are very conscious of this, and we guarantee you that we will always do our absolute best, to ensure guests get the greatest value for their money.


Itineraries for all guests


All guests are provided with a presentable itinerary. The timetable clearly describes each days activities. Included are also helpful information for guests, such as when to bring a jacket or suitable footwear for each day, as activities dictates. The itinerary will assist in keeping the memories alive, and together with photos and personal diaries it creates the best recommendation for friends and family at home to consider following in their footsteps.


  The less you have to worry about - the more you can enjoy your trip.



Our guests say:


“All the personal and familiar information was very relevant because they gave an interesting and helpful supplement to the more general information supplied.” 


Hans, Tåstrup