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Dream big

There are many good reasons as to why Australia is constantly

one of the top 10 recommended holiday destinations.

Our guests say:


“We got to see many different things: big experiences, delicious food, great hotels and fantastic atmosphere


Knud, Svendborg



Discover Australia

Meet the

Australian animals.


The Australian outback is full of surprises offering lifelong memories.

Here, if you're lucky, you may meet wild dromedaries, nearly two metre tall kangaroos and the little scary looking but completely harmless lizard,

the thorny devil.



Learn about Australia

Be fascinated and inspired by Australia's history.


Meet the Australian Aboriginals, who are the oldest indigenous people in the world and have one of the most fascinating cultures with a 70,000 year old history.


Experience Australia


Only your imagination

is the limit.


See Utzon's Opera House, while the morning sun slowly brings this beautiful piece of art to life.

Enjoy one of the world's most captivating coasts along the Great Ocean Road. Explore the underwater world of The Great Barrier Reef through snorkel and goggles.

Listen to Australia

Free ear candy.


Enjoy the screeching calls of the pink Galahs as they fly off into the blue sky. Be woken by the sound of the kookaburra’s laugh in the country side. Catch a glimpse of the rainbow coloured lorikeets and rosellas, who live along most of the Australian coast.